Send your stuff easy – with same day delivery and online tracking.

Choose the most suitable mode of transport – for large and small shipments.

Send from App

  • Create shipments when goods are packed at the warehouse.
  • Scan the DLIVER barcode: the shipment is identified and does not need address labels.
  • Select recipient from customer directory or create new customer.
  • Add to fixed delivery route – or create a new.
  • Choose how environmentally friendly the transport should be.

Automatic route planning

  • Manage shipments to multiple recipients on the same route with DLIVER’s platform for business.
  • Fastest route and instant overview of delivery times.
  • Change the route by simply swapping the order of recipients
  • Send schedule to DLIVER’s pilot automatically.
  • Maps view with status of deliveries.
  • Send messages to the Pilot in DLIVER’s platform.

Control the shipment from the web panel

  • Create shipments for one or more customers.
  • Select pilot based on quality ratings, time or price.
  • Automatic information for recipients of status on shipments.
  • Track status and position on map.
  • Total payment to DLIVER of all shipments.
  • Overview of past and current shipments.

Send your things easily and simply – with same-day delivery to all recipients.