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The DLIVER transport sharing community gives you - access to transporters nearby, - better use of the available transportation capacity, - help to reduce the CO2 emission from the transportation of your stuff.

“With DLIVER, we get an easy and digital approach to the whole courier market.

Ralf Jensen
Head of Freight Development

CARL RASTools and fittingshttp://www.carlras.dk

“With DLIVER we have the flexibility and access to carriers we need and at competitive prices.”

Peter Nathan

EUROBALLOONProduction, design and development of custom made advertising balloonshttp://www.euroballoon.dk

“DLIVER can help us make better use of the capacity of our vans.”

Christian Heimer
Logistics Director

FTZAuto spare partshttp://www.ftz.dk

“DLIVER allows us to get things delivered with short notice.”

Jan Erik Andersen

PREMIUM BEER & BEVERAGESDenmark’s largest distributor of speciality beershttp://www.premiumbeer.dk

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This post is also available in: Danish Swedish