What is DLIVER?

DLIVER is a new and groundbreaking app that everyone can use and be a part of. It is a transport sharing platform that matches buyers of transportation with a driver – which we call Pilot. With a few clicks on the app, you can create a transport task and the Pilots can then bid on it. Delivery can take place the same day and at any time of the day. The exact price and the specific details are easily agreed between you and the driver in the app.

How much does it cost?

The DLIVER app and profile creation are completely free. The price for delivery of goods is agreed between the transport buyer and the Pilot. When you create a transport task in the app, you can at the same time set a budget for how much you want to pay for the transport. This is the starting point for the Pilot, who is bidding on your assignment. You can choose the bid that suits you best in terms of time, rating of the Pilot and the price. DLIVER does not interfere in pricing.

DLIVER charges a fee of 1 Euro (excluding VAT) per transport. The fee is paid by the Pilot. As a shipper, you simply pay the price for the transport that you have agreed with the Pilot.

How is the payment made?

Payment is by credit card.
Sender’s payment for the transport: Before the sender can approve a bid from a driver (which we call Pilot), the payment by credit card must be accepted. Payment will then be reserved on the credit card, but will not be deducted from the credit card until the delivered has been completed.
The pilot’s payment to get the job: The pilot must accept payment by credit card before bids can be submitted. When a bid is accepted by the sender, the payment is deducted and the Pilot can immediately start the delivery job.

Who can use DLIVER?

Anyone who has something to send can use DLIVER. Individuals as well as companies.
You can send by using the web interface: mydliver.com or you can download the DLIVER App, and control everything from your phone.

If you work in a company with frequent needs for shipments, DLIVER can offer advanced solutions that can include automatic booking of transports, consolidated invoicing, management of your own fleet, etc. Contact DLIVER and let us know what DLIVER can offer you.

Can I secure a special green mode of transport?

When you send with DLIVER, it will most often be to the benefit of the environment, because DLIVER helps the Pilots to make better use of capacity and to avoid driving with an empty wagon.

If you want your transport to be extra green, you can in the DLIVER app choose that the item e.g. must be transported by bicycle.

Who are the transporters (Pilots)?

Everyone is welcome to become a Pilot at DLIVER. It requires a profile and that the Pilot registers his credit card. All Pilots at DLIVER are approved by us before they can use the DLIVER app. To ensure good experiences with DLIVER for both the transport buyer and the Pilot, we have a rating system that rates the Pilot and transport buyer after each delivery. That way, both parties can see the rating and use it in the selection.

What if the item gets damaged?

It is possible to buy insurance for only 3 Euro.
Should the accident occur, the insurance covers damages of up to Euro 3,000 without deductible.

What kind of goods does DLIVER transport?

DLIVER transports all kinds of things.

It can be anything from big things that require a lift or crane to the important document that needs to arrive quickly, or the new shoes that you buy online and that you need to wear to the party tonight.

DLIVER only transports goods and never people. DLIVER is not a taxi company.

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This post is also available in: Danish